1st April

  • Stellar Lumens plan to introduce the first elements of the lightning network technology to its test net.
  • INS Changing Airdrop rules so that new buyers can also participate in airdrops.

3rd April

  • DECONOMY Distributed Economy Conference in Soul Korea running from the 3rd to the 4th
    • During April 3rd and 4th, Deconomy will hold its first annual blockchain forum in Seoul, South Korea, the critical hub of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Amidst high interest in the field, Deconomy 2018 will gather the brightest entrepreneurs, thought leaders, investors, developers, academic and policy groups, and blockchain enthusiasts. The forum consists of a two-day program, with keynote presentations and panel discussions about major topics surrounding the industry.
    • Speakers of note including
      • Vitalik Buterin
      • David Chaum (Digicash)
      • Ian Grigg (EOS)
      • Roger Ver (BitcoinCash)
      • David Schwartz (Ripple)
      • Joseph Poon (Author of Lightning Network)
  • Enigma AMA on Reddit

4th April

  • OMG will be holding the second of their town hall meetings.
  • Beyond Blocks Summit in Tokyo
    • Beyond Blocks looks to be the online and offline platform for Blockchain enthusiasts to network, gather information and share insights with the purpose of moving the industry forward to greater heights. We bring in top industry leaders and community builders in one place for this purpose around Asia and beyond. The team strongly believes that developments on the Blockchain has a bright future with real world economic applications and will one day surpass our expectations.
    • Speakers of note
      • Yuzo Kano (Bit-Flyer)
      • Jack Lu (WAN Chain founder)
      • Loi Luu (Kyber)
      • Matthew Spoke (AION)
      • Fran Strajnar (Brave New Coin)
      • Andrew Hyde (Origin Protocol)

5th April

  • Cardano (ADA) will be updating their roadmap.

 6th April


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